1. Brainstorming
We believe that the foundation of good business is communication. Therefore, we'd always happy to share ideas and concepts with you. In this first part, we'd show you our catalogue for basic wholesale items along with the estimation price. Should you have your own design, we may discuss about material and accessories used in your design. Do not worry if you're not in Bali, we can do this through email or simply contact us

2. Sampling
After ensuring we're on the same page, it's time to bring your design comes to life. This part, we will make the pattern and create the sample based on the discussion earlier. The process can take various time depends on the complexity of design

3. Feedback
Before starting the bulk manufacture, we'll be examining the sample and revise should there any improvement to achieve the best leather product. We can ship the product to your address and do the rest by email if you cannot come to our official store.

4. Bulk Manufacture
After all samples are agreed. We may start bulk manufacture. The production time will be depend on the order quantity and the complexity of the leather design.



1. Small Batch
Our wholesale price can be applied for MOQ as small as 5 pcs per model per color. You are allowed to use whether our design or yours.

2. Local Artisan
We begin this business to support our artisan community in our local area in Bali. We’re proud that our business can support their family away from poverty, a big issue in our country.

3. Ethically Made
We ensure our artisans always be appreciated for their skill and specialty. We believe that proper wage and work environment is the key of work quality.

4. High Quality
By holding on those ethical values, our artisans are more productive as well as maintain their quality.


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